Me at Mudeong mountain.

Korea is a gorgeous country with rich cultural history and values. Sometimes as a foreigner it can get overwhelming to experience the country firsthand, but a beauty of this country and it’s heart-filled generosity just can’t be denied.

Hey there! Before we dive into my life experience and get all personal and stuff, I thought it’d be nice if we did the normal greetings and get to know one another. After all, we are probably going to see a lot of each other.^^

The name’s Julena. I am currently living in South Korea. So far I’m loving my life here. I work as an English teacher, a common job for foreigners, teaching elementary students. Before moving here, I had an interest in Korean culture and language which sparked my move to this country because I was under the impression that I would automatically get better at Korean if I lived here. Yet, a little over a year later, I still struggle with buying basic necessities at the local markets. But I try, and I guess that’s what makes all the difference. Anyway, I hope you can enjoy my journey as I grow not only in knowledge, but also as an individual.

See ya around, friend~~^^

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