Living Life ^^

Well hey there! Can’t believe you swung by.

‘That Korean Life’ is quite literally about my experiences and impressions of Korea. I wanted to record my journey while living here, and share its realities with you. I’m not sure what you are curious about and what you want to know, so if you have any specific questions that you wished to see answered about my life in Korea, then ask away!

The purpose of this blog is to paint a positive, yet realistic outlook of Korea, and the realities it holds for foreigners. No place is perfect, but I believe that good can be found anywhere if we just look for it. For me, Korea has been a place of challenge, growth and beauty and something I deeply appreciate. I hope that I can convey my admiration for this country with everyone who reads this blog.

My podcasts are to share the viewpoints of natives on their country whilst giving insight to how Korea operates. It’s meant to be informative, lighthearted and fun. Plus, this way you can meet some of the amazing people I am able to call friends~

I hope you have as much fun reading this blog as I am in making it!

See ya around, friend ~~^^