I have finally found the time to edit the video of my experience of getting my makeup done professionally in South Korea.Normally, I don’t wear makeup, and I’m too lazy to learn. Still, I’ve always been interested in what I would look like if a professional did my makeup. So thinking of trying something new, I grabbed some basic supplies, a friend, and went to a makeup studio.

We went to Shine Makeup Studio; they do your makeup for you, style your hair, and take pictures for you. The studio does make up for various occasions like passport pictures, interview pictures, flight attendant pictures, daily pictures, etc. Since it’s also a photo studio, they just take photos of people and do their makeup per request.

Koreans usually go to these studios to get their picture taken for job interviews, resumes, and other professional photos. But if they want to just get their hair and makeup done, they usually just go to a hair salon where they pay a little extra to get their makeup done.

I brought some basic base supplies to the studio since they most likely would not have my shade. Luckily, they were willing to give it a try, and I absolutely loved the result! They were a bit worried about how I would react since the beauty standards are different in Western countries than in Korea, but more on that later! 🙂 Needless to say, I enjoyed my results, and I hope you do too!

PS. We thought we would be getting a change of clothes too, but that’s if you’re doing a business-type makeover. It’s a lot to explain right now, so maybe another time.

Until next time,

See ya around, friend~~

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