To your soft yet wise words that have sustained me into adulthood,

To your slender and calloused hands that held, fed, and supported me through the years,

To your robust and slim body that carried and raised not only me but my siblings as well,

To your smile and melodious laughter that always put my aching heart at ease,

To your undying support and confidence that has helped me believe in myself,

To your silent tears that were shed in the cloak of darkness – a sight which breaks my heart and makes me want to make things all better,

To you, mother, who never sugar-coated her words from the start and who did her best to give her children the best that she could afford,

I just want to say, ‘I love you’.

Dear Mom,

If words could adequately express the gratitude and appreciation that I feel for you, then I would say it to you every day. Still, the matter is, ‘I love you’ doesn’t even begin to equate what I feel towards you. You have been my rock since day one, and even though it took several years for me to realize your noble intentions and appreciate your wisdom, I just wanted to let you know that if I could do it all again and choose the parents I was born to, I would ask God to send me back to you.

You raised me with your whole heart, mind, and energy. I never realized how blessed I was until now. Living so far away from you for nearly two years has reinforced how much I relied on and needed you throughout my life. Though you’re mine, I’m thankful I could share some of the blessings I received from being your daughter with my siblings.

From the time I was born, you have been investing your heart and soul into my life and in raising me right. The road we’ve journeyed together has had its fair share of valleys and hills, but it took those days for me to fully understand how much you mean to me. Though I am far away from you now, just know that you are always in my heart. The woman you tried to raise me to be I hope I can become.

Even though I can’t say this to your face and express my gratitude on this particular day, I hope you know that I sincerely do,

Love you.

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