I like my independence.

I like being able to go anywhere and do things on my own time with no restrictions.

I like the feeling of being self-sufficient and capable;

The feeling of controlling my future and having a say in the things that I want or need.

I like knowing that my life is in my hands and that it is mine to live.

But even though I like the feeling of self-sufficiency, there are days when I wish I had someone to lean on.

Days when I feel like I am going to collapse under the immense pressure.

On these days, I wish I could stop shouldering the burden and be a kid again but I know I can’t pick and choose the hurdles I have to face in adulthood.

So, even though this journey through adulthood has been a rollercoaster ride, at least I have a say.

And that’s what makes me feel somewhat okay.

Posted by:ThatKoreanLife

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