A simple “no” would’ve sufficed.

If you feel it’s too harsh then a plain “I’m sorry, but I’m not interested” works too.

I won’t pester you too much.

Why must you hide behind elaborate questionings and roundabout answers? To spare my feelings?

You’re not doing me any favors, sweetheart. Your intentions may be sweet but your actions are cruel.

If you cared even a little you wouldn’t play this dangerous game with the heart.

Here’s something you should know about me-

I’m not great with hints or clues. Indirect answers confuse me.

Give it to me straight.

I’d much rather know where I stand than to fumble around in darkness looking for a chance.

What I hate more than being rejected is clinging onto false hope.

Trust me, I can handle myself.

Let me worry about me; just do your part and be honest with me.

Posted by:ThatKoreanLife

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