Q: Are there other things people can do at cafes other than sit and talk with their friends?

In an earlier post, I talked about the different cafes that one could find in Korea. I finally took the time to visit some interesting ones! I mention in the post that cafes are commonplace for friends to hang out or people to study, but sometimes you can find cafes where you can do more than just sit, chill and enjoy good company. Various cafes such as animal cafes and board game cafes give you a different experience than ordinary cafes. I would highly recommend visiting one if you have the chance.

One of my friends is a hardcore animal lover, so a couple weeks ago, some of us went to two different animal cafes to hang out and study. Even though I’m not a strong animal lover, and being surrounded by many animals is slightly terrifying for me, I have to say the experience was an unforgettable one. I actually wasn’t planning to go there initially, but as the day progressed, plans changed, and well.. the rest is history. I definitely wasn’t dressed for the occasion. 😅😂

Cat Cafe.

The cat cafe was definitely a unique experience. First, you walked into this room-type space where you can leave your luggage and shoes in a cubby before entering the actual cafe. Still, it’s open on the top, so you can see cats roaming around in the cafe. We all know cats like climbing things, so they are on top of everything. You then walk into the actual cafe where you can order your drinks, and there is a place for you to sit down. I’m not sure if it was this particular cafe or if it’s standard for cat cafes, but I think the cats live in the cafe…. yeah.

The lady in charge then gave us some food to feed the cats. Now, if you are afraid of feeding animals, or having many animals surround you at once for a feeding, then I recommend not feeding them. 😅 I had no idea that the lady would give us food to give to them, and I was caught off guard when like 8 cats surrounded me suddenly.

But it was quite fun and interesting feeding them. They have claws, and some are more aggressive than others, so make sure you take the time to feed the more shy ones. Overall, it’s definitely a unique and cool experience, and I would definitely try it at least once… if you don’t have a cat allergy.

Dog Cafe.

The dog cafe came as more of a surprise for me. I’m actually more afraid of dogs than I am of cats, so imagine my surprise when I realized that the place that my friends were planning on studying at was a dog cafe and not a regular cafe. 🙃

But shockingly, the dog cafe ended up being my favorite out of the two. The dog cafe seemed more of a place where owners can meet other dog owners and their dogs. The dogs could go outside, run and play, and the owners could sit, chat, eat good food, and chill. This place was cleaner, in my opinion, and since the dogs came with owners, they were more trained and well behaved, so it wasn’t as scary as I originally thought. Some dog cafes may have dogs living in the cafe, but this particular one we went to, the owners took their dogs there.

Overall, it was an interesting experience. However, I do have to add, if you aren’t keen on the animal smell, don’t go to an animal cafe… that’s all I’m going to say.

If you aren’t a dog or cat person, there are still many different kinds of animal cafes that you can enjoy. Cafes such as -meerkat cafes, raccoon cafes, sheep cafes, reptile cafes, and more! Just find your animal haven, and you’ll be good to go!

Until next time,

See ya around, friend~~

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