Q: How is Seoul different from other places in Korea?

When you think of South Korea, what comes to mind?
Is it the emotional investing dramas?
The ever-growing, upbeat K-pop music?
Is it the charming, well-known city of Seoul?

Whether it’s one of these three things or something else, I’m here to tell you that the charm of Korea doesn’t end there. Specifically, there is more to Korea than Seoul. Foreigners and Korean alike love Seoul for various reasons. Foreigners like it because it’s all they know (maybe), and Koreans like it for the abundance of job opportunities and excellent educational opportunities that are there.

Seoul has an entirely different vibe from the rest of Korea. Sometimes when I’m in Seoul, I feel like I’m back home in America. It’s very upbeat and has a busy city life feel. The multitude of glass towering buildings and foreign stores transport me to any large city back home. It’s definitely enticing, but if you don’t end up living there, it’s okay!

There are about 8 provinces (states) in South Korea, and each has its own unique vibe and appeal. Though these places are very different from Seoul, depending on the kind of lifestyle you are comfortable with, you may find a real connection to some areas. Personally, I live in a large metropolitan city called Gwangju, and even though it’s no Seoul, it’s not a terrible first place to live.

I was supposed to list pros and cons and I ended up just listing some ways Seoul is different from Gwangju. I personally enjoy the peaceful lifestyle of Gwangju but sometimes I need to get out and go to a more upbeat place so I go to Seoul. Some of these tips may only apply if you are planning on living in Seoul, but even if you are visiting, check out some other places as well! Either way it’s a wonderful experience. That’s my recommendation to you!

Until next time,

See ya around, friend~~

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