It has been a year of turmoil and uncertainty.

A challenging year for both teachers and students alike, but as the year winds down and draws to its close, I can only remember the good that filled the year. The laughs I shared with my students and the lessons we learned together replay my memory as I say my last goodbye. Their eyes are bright with hope, minds sharp, ready for more knowledge, and smiles wide as they sit at the desks prepared to see what my last lesson for them will be. I hear their boisterous greetings and laughter as they stumbled into my room, forgetting to shut the door behind them as they always do. I remember how they instantly start with their questions, their curiosity endless, and their insatiable desire for knowledge never filled.

But all too soon, the replay is over, and I’m left standing alone in my empty classroom. With the room void of tiny humans, my classroom seems a bit bigger. The silence is almost deafening. The strings on my heart tug a little. This year’s goodbye seems more challenging than last’s.

They were a good batch of kids, and I’m looking forward with excitement and slight trepidation for the next group.

I had been given the honor and responsibility of training a generation for the future. My sincerest hope and wish is that I have done my job well. With heart somewhat heavy yet inexplicably light, a smile graces my lips as I prepare for my long, needed vacation.

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