Not one to drink, I thought it would be wise to get an “expert’s” opinion on the matter. In this podcast, I chat with one of my friends about the drinking culture of Korea and how it personally affects him as a Korean. Tune in to hear his answer!

Episode Overview:

Drinking is a huge part of Korean culture and society. Curious as to what Koreans think of this aspect of their culture and how they cope and manage with it, I ask one of friends to share, from his perspective what the drinking culture is like here.

Here are some questions he answers:

  1. What’s the legal drinking age in Korea and how old were you when you started drinking?
  2. What are some things people do to show respect when drinking?
  3. How do Koreans usually learn these drinking habits? Are they taught by their parents or do they just learn on their own?
  4. What about you? How’d you learn how to drink?
  5. What are some common drinking games?
  6. Personally, if you don’t drink with someone do you feel like you can be close friends with them?
  7. Do you enjoy the drinking culture in Korea or do you find it overwhelming sometimes?

Ep. 4 – Safety in South Korea JuuTime

Being aware of potential dangers and common crimes that happen around you is vital in helping you protect and prepare yourself for any harm that could come your way. So, tonight my friend and I sit down for a serious chat about safety. There is no utopia place in this world, but being able to protect yourself or equipping yourself and help ease any fears and concerns you may have. Tune in as I ask my friend some questions about safety in South Korea. Here are some questions she answers: What are some common crimes that happen in Korea? What do parents normally do to ensure their kids' safety here? Were you allowed to be outside alone at night as a kid? What are the gun laws like in Korea? What do you think makes Korea safe?
  1. Ep. 4 – Safety in South Korea
  2. Ep. 3 – Age in South Korea
  3. Ep. 2 – Drinking in South Korea
  4. EP. 1 – Dating in South Korea

**In this podcast I actually mix Korean and English with Sanghun. Most of the Korean I used is reasked in English so don’t worry if you hear Korean, I repeat everything in English. Sanghun is studying really hard to learn English, and I think he’s doing a great job so far! Don’t you agree?

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