Even though we’re apart, the sun keeps shining.

The days roll on and show no sign of stopping.

My heart, as if trapped in an emotionless cage, beats on refusing to accept, to feel the pain.

My mind, occupied with the cares of the day, refuses to dwell on the fact that you’re not here telling me everything will be okay.

My bones ache with the remembrance of your embrace, as the warm days turn into cold nights, nearing the Christmas holiday.

The sound of your soft, comforting voice like a phantom ringing in my ears reminds me of a different time – a time when you were near.

“I miss you” cannot even begin to express the longing I feel, so I hold back unable to let myself heal.

I look forward to the day I can see you again, and say to your face those three words you love to hear:

I love you.

Posted by:ThatKoreanLife

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