Curious as to what the dating culture is like in South Korea, I phoned one of my friends to talk with me and share his perspective on the dating culture. Tune in to hear his answer!

I’ve been wanting to start a podcast for sometime now, and this is the first launch of what can hopefully many more podcast episodes. On JuuTime, I chat with others about personal things in life and try to get their opinions on various aspects of life. I hope you enjoy my first attempt! If you have anything you’d wish to see me cover on the podcast, feel free to leave a message and let me know! I’m open to ideas.

Episode Overview:

Dating is a difficult thing to do sometimes, but trying to date in a different country with a different culture can be quite daunting. So for anyone thinking about moving to South Korea and dating here, I’ve convinced my friend to share some dating trends and share, from his perspective, how to start dating here.

Here are some questions he answers:

  1. How important is dating in Korea?
  2. Is there a stigma of staying single for a long time in Korea?
  3. How does the dating process/ relationship start?
  4. What are some unique couple of trends in Korea?
  5. What is some advice you would give someone who wanted to date a Korean or in Korea?

Ep. 4 – Safety in South Korea JuuTime

Being aware of potential dangers and common crimes that happen around you is vital in helping you protect and prepare yourself for any harm that could come your way. So, tonight my friend and I sit down for a serious chat about safety. There is no utopia place in this world, but being able to protect yourself or equipping yourself and help ease any fears and concerns you may have. Tune in as I ask my friend some questions about safety in South Korea. Here are some questions she answers: What are some common crimes that happen in Korea? What do parents normally do to ensure their kids' safety here? Were you allowed to be outside alone at night as a kid? What are the gun laws like in Korea? What do you think makes Korea safe?
  1. Ep. 4 – Safety in South Korea
  2. Ep. 3 – Age in South Korea
  3. Ep. 2 – Drinking in South Korea
  4. EP. 1 – Dating in South Korea

** Disclaimer: There is no correlation between the people in the photo and the person on the phone.

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