Last Meeting

My eyes felt heavy and my head was throbbing in pain, however, no matter how much I tried, I couldn’t for the life of me fall asleep again. Lethargic and annoyed with the world, I internally screamed at myself for being impulsive. But I was happy that the small outing let me have a decent experience, so I didn’t beat myself up too badly. Giving up on sleeping, I decided to call some friends when my phone buzzed with a message.

Him: Sleep well?

Me: No. I couldn’t sleep.

Him: Really? We could go for another drive if you want.

Me: We just came from a drive and you want to go on another one? Aren’t you tired?

Him: I’m okay.

I didn’t really want to interact with anyone that day, but more than that, I really wanted to sleep. My whole body was tired and my mind muddled. I couldn’t think properly and the dull, throbbing sensation behind my eyes forced made me hate the existence of light. Car rides usually knock me out cold, and I didn’t hate his company so I thought… why not? Not wanting to stay as late as we did the previous night, I suggested that we met up early in the afternoon so that we could get back early and he agreed.

He ended up taking me to a cute museum at another beach… AN HOUR AWAY. It was here that I started to feel that maybe this guy was actually taking me out on dates. The cute museum was followed by a drive to a famous and populated beach nearby where we stopped for a bite to eat.

By this time, I was certain we were on a date and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be. He was a nice enough guy, and I didn’t mind spending time with him, but I was pretty sure our minds were not on the same page. So, through the befuddle cloud in my mind, I insisted on paying for both of our meals. After eating our meals, he asked if I wanted to take a short walk around the beach to help digest our foods and I agreed.

Now, the sun was starting to go to bed, and just like it, every fiber of my being wanted to do nothing more. So, after our short stroll, I told him I was exhausted and wanted to go home.

He nods and walks me to the car. We both get in, but he doesn’t make any indication of leaving. Instead, he starts watching Youtube in the car.

He wasn’t ready for the night to be over.

It was cute for like the first two videos, but when he started a third one, my already thread like patience started to snap.

He may not have been ready to say goodnight, but I was.

The only thing I wanted to be with at this point was my bed, and it was taking way too long to go back. I drifted in and out of consciousness for what seemed like an hour before I felt the car move. Due to exhaustion, I can’t remember what exactly happened during the car ride but I do remember at some point we ended up at what seemed like a campsite, overlooking the ocean.

It dawns on me then that he doesn’t want to take me home.

I wasn’t sure if communication was getting lost through the cracks of the language barrier between us, or if he was being this way because he wanted something that I hadn’t offered. The sun had long set by this time and he showed no indication of ending the night as I had. When I asked him why he stopped at the campsite instead of just taking me home, he told me the place was near my place and he thought I would like it.

I did, but I would’ve liked to be taken home even more.

Bone tired, I dragged my lump of a body out of the car and walked for a bit to wake me up a bit more. His reluctance to drive me home was becoming concerning, and I didn’t think it was wise to fall asleep on the ride back. The whole time we hung out, he never laid a hand on me, didn’t say anything inappropriate to me, but the fact that he wouldn’t just take me home had rubbed me the wrong way.

The walk didn’t last long and just when I thought he was going to take me home he starts to watch YouTube. AGAIN.

My hopes to get back home before dawn started to vanish with each “next” button he smashed. Finally, after what seems like forever, he turns, sees my face and starts the car. Plugging in my address into the GPS (because apparently he didn’t check before) he lets out a small groan and turns his head apologetically my way and said in the smallest voice possible:

“It’s going to us take an hour.”


Sighing softly, I leaned back in my seat and said, “Okay.”

The ride back was quiet with me fighting sleep and him driving in ashamed silence. At some point, I fell asleep and woke up to him pulling off the road one more time. Sitting up, I asked him why he stopped again, to which he responded, “My muscles are hurting.” I mean, valid excuse, but man…

I asked him if he needed a massage or anything (not a smart move, I know, but I really wanted to go home). He turned it down and did his own thing.

I stayed awake with him as he stretched his sore muscles, watched in horror as he turned on YouTube one more time to show me a singer he had mentioned in the car ride, cried a little when he went on to watch a two videos about the singers life (okay, it was interesting but not THAT interesting), and sighed with relief when he started driving again.

We finally made it back to my place. Stumbling out the car, I thanked him for the day (because I was too exhausted to be mad and I’m polite) and went into my apartment.

The text message he sent me next morning confirmed his intentions and we never contacted each other again.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, concludes my first (maybe it was three?) unintentional, and unknown date(s) experience in Korea. Was it bad? No, I enjoyed myself. He was really a nice guy, but we wanted different things. I just wished I had picked up on the signs sooner so I didn’t waste his or my time. 😅😒

Until next time,

See ya around, friend~~

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