Sometimes getting out of bed is a chore.

Sometimes life be a bore.

The routine of it all seems so suffocating.

Sometimes the goals and dreams seem to dissipate once sunlight break through my heavy stupor.

But I smile and put on my best face.

Today may be hard to start, but I will get through it.

Clinging to that glimmer of hope, I force myself to start the day.

I pull myself out of bed and start with the routine because it’s all I can do.

Resolve builds with every passing second.

I brush my teeth, make my bed, go for a jog and try to start fresh.

I try and do one more thing today that I didn’t do yesterday.

I remind myself that I need to do this for me, for my happiness, and to attain the life I want.

Little by little as the minutes turn into hours the day goes on and I feel better. My mind is more alert and can do better.

I challenge myself to do more as the day progresses.

Soon nightfall comes and I’m amazed at much my day had progressed from not wanting to leave my bed to having a full day of accomplished work.

Though I’m not fully satisfied with everything, I’m happy because I tried.

Everyday isn’t going to be perfect but as long as I’m trying and putting my best foot forward, I’ll be okay.

I’ll reach the end of my journey one day.


Posted by:ThatKoreanLife

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