The crisp morning air jolted me awake as I dragged one foot in front of the other for my routine, morning jog. The sun, still catching it’s last bit of slumber, didn’t greet me as I began my start to another day. Not athletically inclined and hesitant to call my morning routine a run, I find myself pulling my sleep-addled body out of the bed every morning before the sun comes up to see the world before it begins to bustle.

On the jog, I’m greeted by the curious glances of the elderly as they walk silently on my usual morning route. None pause for a greeting and I continue on, ignoring the curious stares and the soft chatter.

One step.

Two steps.

With every rhythmic movement, I reach closer to my destination. The sun, still asleep has yet to witness my morning accomplishment. I spot young adults loitering about. A soft smile grazes my lips as a hopeful thought slips into my brain. Maybe I wasn’t the only early rising, young adult out this morning. But the thought dissipates, when I spy beer bottles in their hands. I’m pretty sure none has given into night’s slumber peaceful slumber yet. They chatter amongst themselves as I jog by. Some snag a curious glance others don’t.

Still, I jog on.

Dawn begins to yawn and the dark night sky, changes to a lighter hue. It is time for me to head back; the world will soon awake and I need to prepare for it. The quiet, peaceful morning is drawing to a close, and the cares of the day started to cloud my mind. I’m not restless. No, I have taken out sometime for self-care and am both mentally and physically ready for the day’s demands.

I will do it again. Perhaps even tomorrow.

Posted by:ThatKoreanLife

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