Q: How are you coping with corona and quarantine?

Being halfway across the world from friends and family and living alone in a tiny apartment with restrictions on who I can meet and where I can go, isn’t exactly the best recipe for sanity. Since the second wave of corona has been making its way across the country, there have been some TOUGH days for me. Honestly, I don’t know how much longer I can handle being cooped up inside my house alone.

So, how has my life has changed since the second wave of corona has hit South Korea?

#1 – Tracking apps and devices

Here’s an example of the app I use for work.

I’m not sure if tracking extremely normal in Korea, but since this second wave hit, the government has been really strict about tracking its people to see where people are going to prevent massive breakouts. Wherever you go, whether it’s buildings like cafes or a massive place where a lot of people accumulate, you have to sign in with a QR code that tracks you by your phone, or write you name, phone number, where you live, and if you are wearing a mask on a sign-up type paper as soon as you walk in. Or, they have a device that automatically sanitizes you so that you aren’t carrying germs into their building. I’m not entirely sure if these extra surveillance apps and extra measures are actually helping or not, but I guess time will tell. Do I find it invasive? A bit, but do I have a choice? Not really, not if I wish to leave my house. I even have an app that I have to update before going to work everyday. There’s no escaping it.

#2- No group activities

It just says that this place is closed from the 10th of Sept. to the 20th.

When the first wave of corona hit, Korea didn’t have a lockdown. As far as I knew, stores were open and people would still do things normally. The only thing that “shutdown”, to my knowledge, were schools and certain office buildings. I think my gym closed down once, but that was because a corona patient had been inside the karaoke place was in the same building my gym was located. However, the government never forcefully took action to make sure every “group-activity” building were closed. I still went to my dance academy and other things. I think most people were scared the first time around so most tend to stay indoors. This time around though, the government is more involved and “group-activity” buildings like gyms and other things have been forced to shut down for the past 2-3 weeks. Have they made it an official lockdown yet? Not to my knowledge. I mean we can still travel if we wish, but as Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) approaches, we’ll see if the government enforces travel bans.

#3- Schools

My school has been fluctuating between online school and offline school since the outbreak. When we are online, we make video and conduct zoom classes for the kids to make sure they still learn the things they need to learn even though they can’t be inside the classroom. However, on Monday, we are supposedly going back to offline classes. Kids will be coming back to school, but since I work at a large private school, only 1/3 of the students will be coming at a time. We will rotate them by grades, teaching two grades every day. For example, Monday we would have grades 1 and 6 come to school and only the teachers who teach those grades will have students in their class. Am I thrilled with the constant changes? Let’s just say I’m becoming a pro at adapting and working on my feet. I think I’m developing some boss life skills.


That, my friends, have been the story of my life so far. I think the main reason why this second wave is hitting me harder than the first is because of these restrictions. My precious sanity is being threatened. 😭

But in line with my personality, I have found a silver lining to this whole upheaval- I finally have some time to work on personal ambitions and goals that I have put off for so long. All it took was a global pandemic 😅. That, and I’m getting more creative with staying active and making new friends. I typically like to meet friends in person (cause I’m old fashion like that), but I’ve moved on to the modern way of living, and I am failing spectacularly. No surprise there 😂. I hope the rest of you all are doing a bit better than me during these uncertain times.

How is the virus affecting your side of the world? Leave comment and let me know!

Until next time,

See ya around, friend~~

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