The building was eerily silent. The usual lively chatter and laughter now absent and the pounding of feet as children race through the halls, ignoring the clear signs and rules against such behavior, absent. The classrooms, designed for noisy, energetic, highly impressionable little humans, were occupied only by teachers. Some were crunched behind oak desks furiously working away on their computers, while others stood in front of a camera animatedly talking to their invisible audience. There were a few who wandered into different classrooms, masks engulfing their face, to interview other teachers for lesson content.

The suffocating feeling of uncertainty, anxiety, stress and unrest loomed over each of us teachers like a dark cloud. Sanity slowly slipping from the type clasps we cling to it with. The emptiness of the classrooms providing us with a type of haven, yet occasionally trapping us in as a personal cell. This had become our new normal, our cursed reality. Caution and restlessness were our constant companions as we lived 2 weeks at a time – the invisible yet strong hands of COVID-19 dangling our sanity on a fine string. Yet, we try to not give into despair. Encouraging one another with smiles and laughter, we’re just thankful for the mere reminder that we are not alone and that we will get through it together.

Posted by:ThatKoreanLife

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