On the ride

The rain poured in torrents, beating against the small vehicle transporting us to our designated get-away island for the day. The soft sounds of music hummed from the stereo and serenaded our ears as we as chatted quietly to each other, animated about the plans we had in anticipated for the little trip.

In our hotel room.

The smell of the sea greeted us as we maneuvered our way across the island trying to find our establishment of rest. Upon arriving, our eyes immediately gravitated to the view outside our window and we stood there momentarily, captivated. Dark clouds hovered threatening in the sky, mocking the plans we had arranged previously, but could no longer follow through. Yet, we were not disheartened, swiftly adapting to a new, more relaxed schedule.

This pizza is called chip pizza. Interesting, huh?

The aroma of food and sighs of contentment could be heard as we satisfied our cravings and silenced the growling beasts inside of our stomachs. The chatter from the television drowned out ours as we watched blissfully relishing in our short get-away.

The night view outside our hotel.

Tearing ourselves from the comfort of the beds, we took a short stroll around the island admiring the view, and exchanging stories as we learned more about one another and bonded. The warm summer night’s breeze kissed our cheeks as we laughed, danced, and chatted the night away.

Though the time spent there was short, the moments we shared and the memories made shall never be forgotten on this one beautiful, Yeosu summer night.

Posted by:ThatKoreanLife

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