I stared at the blank wall across from me. She had just left, but I already missed her.

Her laughter, smile, jesting remarks and needy tendencies… I missed them all. The comforting presence of her familiar face, the flow of our conversations, and the ease of our banter. I closed my eyes as I relived the moments that had just been lost.

The sounds of scoffs and giggles as we ran through the streets, strolling in and out of various businesses overspending the little funds we had. The numbing feeling of fatigue as we try to fight sleep in order to make the most of the short amount of time we had together. The soft, embarrassed whispers that were passed as we exchanged secrets and caught each other up on recent events in our lives. The baring of souls as we strive to reconnect and feel a deeper connection with the only other person in the entire country who could understand us and our weird tendencies, due to a long history.

We were, for a brief moment, reconnected and nothing were more precious than those hours. But alas, she had to return to her side of the country while I remained in mine. She was only a three hour bus ride away. So close, yet so insanely far that we could only make a brief weekend our moment of solace.

Posted by:ThatKoreanLife

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